Exploring New York City


For the recent three day weekend, my husband and I made a last minute decision to go to New York City for a few days. I was so exciting having never actually spent a full day in the city aside from maybe an hour or two the night before Thanksgiving a couple years ago. Comparing those two hours of walking around at night in Time Square to the full three days I experienced this past weekend definitely did not do New York City justice!

The constant sound of cars driving on the road, and the sea of yellow I saw everyday on the streets were absolutely phenomenal. Born and raised in San Francisco, I felt so comfortable in the city’s environment. Walking among people who were always hustling and bustling, on a mission to get to their destinations. And don’t even get me started on taking the subway everywhere. The subways, definitely my comfort zone right there.

My husband booked us a hotel right in Manhattan not too far from Time Square, in fact it wasn’t far from many of the places we ventured out to. As soon as we landed, we got settled in the hotel and walked around Time Square, Bryant Park, Washington Square, and New York’s Chinatown. Throughout the walking I got my first taste of what my husband has always raving about, “street meat”, as well as some damn good pizza and quite impressive pan-fried noodles in comparison to the lack of authenticity there is for Chinese food in Florida. The first day of walking and exploring was enough for me to get excited for what was to come over the next couple days.

As we got off the subway at 10am the next morning, it felt as though the wind was biting my cheeks and a million bees were stinging my hands. To ensure we weren’t late for the ferry, we walked to the bank briskly because we needed cash to buy gloves for the both of us as well as a beanie for him from a side stand by the station. I threw on the black gloves and immediately felt relief; I briefly remember looking at an automated screen on top of a business building thinking, “holy crap”, when I saw it was only 20 degrees. The ferry  took us to the Statue of Liberty, which was a fascinating experience; going through the museum and getting to be on that perch section was fun. We didn’t want to wait ten minutes to take the elevator up so we walked the stairs, I remember thinking “everyday is leg day” as I reached the top out of breath, quads burning. After the Statue tour it was a bit warmer with the sun peeking around the corners of the buildings, either that or it was most likely because we had gloves on… In any case, we took pictures with the Wall Street bull and it was off to find food because by then it was already past noon and all we had in our bellies were complementary hotel breakfast and a pretzel on the ferry. We ended up wandering into the NYU area and ate a Ramen place. Before I had even gotten my food I knew it was going to be delicious going off the fact that my husband made a comment that somehow he felt the Miso soup tasted so much different and better than the ones he’s had in the past.  And when he notices something like that, with just Miso soup? Yeah that means something alright haha. With satisfied bellies, we ventured off again, walking all the way to the Central Park area stopping along the way for some Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. Central Park was very calming, I had a constant peaceful feeling walking with my husband towards FAO Schwarz. Walking around FAO brought back memories of when my mom used to take me to the one in San Francisco. Seeing all the Lego and toys around, of course nowadays there are more “tech-y” toys than there are stuffed animals, but it was nostalgic nonetheless. We ended our day with dinner at a brewery right by the Empire State Building and slept so well.

We woke up to a cloudy morning on Sunday not knowing it would be a day of splashing in puddles. It was a good thing he packed his Gortex boots, but unfortunately for me I was out of luck with my Summer time DSW ankle boots. By the time we walked through part of the Brooklyn Bridge I knew we would need to find somewhere to get either rubber rain boots or water proof boots in general. Despite the fact my toes felt like they were about to fall off, I trekked on and we made it to our 10am tour at the 9/11 Memorial. This was probably the most fulfilling experience I have ever had, I can’t even think of enough words to express the emotions I felt walking through the memorial and exhibit. If you have not walked through the memorial yet I absolutely implore you to do so on your next visit. I felt tears running down my cheeks as a read stories about the heroes who gave their lives that day. Reading and hearing recurring broadcasts of that day struck me right in the heart, and I can tell you that it shook me to the core. I was in sixth grade when 9/11 took place, really unable to grasp the gravity of what had happened, that when I was walking out of the exhibit I was grateful, in awe, inspired, and just amazed… Following that deep experience it was back onto the subway in order to find some new shoes. We ended up walking into Macy’s and I bought waterproof shoes with some new socks as well. My husband and I were so lost, never having seen such a huge store with people occupying every space possible. My boots and socks went straight into the garbage can on our way out. With my dry, comfortable, happy feet, we stopped into a sandwich place and rested at the hotel for a few hours watching HGTV before heading out for our final dinner at a steakhouse. By the time it we headed out for dinner there were no longer any puddles to splash in, as the rain had subsided about an hour before and the weather no longer required us to wear our gloves. Perfect weather we would have loved the two days before, but who’s to complain with so much fun going on? That final meal at the steakhouse really did us in, not long after we got back to the hotel my husband and I drifted off into sleep thus concluding a busy busy three days.

All the foods mentioned here will be described in more detail as far as what I ate specifically and what the restaurants were called. I didn’t want to go crazy with the length of this post adding all the food descriptions. Overall New York was such a great experience, eating so many different foods and going sight seeing here and there. I’m almost tempted to go every year just to try new restaurants and foods every time! Look out for more posts about the foods I ate in New York and pictures to go along with them! Until next time :] NL


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