I’d Rather Eat the Food

I will confess that I am not an avid football fan, every year I end up eating the food and snacks at the table instead of actually watching the game. But you know what, I have come to find that cooking and arranging the food and snacks, then eating them is just as satisfying to me 🙂

I have another confession to make, this year since we had our “Superbowl Party” at my in-laws’ house, I did not actually create the sauce for the wings, my mother in-law did. But regardless, when I asked her for the recipe later that night, she told me she would give it to me, touchdown!! Too soon?

Cold Pasta Salad
Cold Pasta Salad

For our get together this year I presented carrot and celery vegetables with some hummus for dip, a batch of spicy hot wings, sweet tangy glazed wings, and cold pasta salad. Because she was working the whole day, I got to use this new indoor fryer we have for the first time and it actually worked out great! I kept the sliding door open while I fried the wings (about 10-12 minutes for a golden brown color) and that actually helped the house from smelling like fried food the rest of the night. Frying about eighty or so odd wings, they were ready to be tossed in the delectable sauces. I’d say if guests aren’t ready to eat them right away, don’t toss them and let them sit in the container because they’ll get soggy. Toss and eat right away for that crisp and crunch.

Spicy Wings
Spicy Wings
Sweet Tangy Glazed Wings
Sweet Tangy Glazed Wings

Nothing brings me greater joy than to have spent the day in the kitchen cooking for family. All the work is forgotten when I see everyone digging in with smiles on their faces and just loving the food. Really and truly at the end of the day, being together and eating together is the best part of the Superbowl for me every year. Upon devouring the wings and snacks, I ended the night on delightful Vanilla ice cream and fell asleep quite content, not even watching the game.


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