No water, but there is Ramen! (NYC)

I have had Ramen in San Francisco, Florida and now New York City by NYU. I’d have to say that San Francisco still has the best I have tasted so far. But this post is going to be about a small restaurant called Ramen Takumi my husband and I tried while we were in New York City for a few days.

I’ve read a lot of reviews on Yelp and other sites where this restaurant got some pretty gnarly reviews as far as them not having great sushi and Ramen. From my experience I didn’t really have a problem with the food at all. I can’t account for the sushi because we didn’t order any, but the Ramen and Donburi we had were fairly tasty.

Hurrying into the cozy space trying to escape 20 degree weather, I was craving that chewy texture of Ramen noodles along with a spicy broth so that I could warm up a bit faster. When we sat down, and this was the only problem I had with the wait staff there, they didn’t bring us any water or even ask us what we wanted to drink. It wasn’t until the end of our dining experience I had to ask them for water. Looking over the menu a bit disgruntled, I decided on a spicy Ramen with chicken and pork, called the “Tan-Tan Men”, while my husband ordered his Donburi, “Unadon”. Once we ordered or meals, I also asked for a hot Green Tea, which I thought would be great to sip on while I waited for the food. But unfortunately…that never came either. How can you see that two guests have food on the table but no drinks? Not even water? I don’t know if I’m being nit-picky or what, but having been a server/waitress that’s the first thing I’d bring to the table.

Despite my mood, my husband’s reaction to the Miso soup that came with his “Unadon” was interesting. The first thing he told me was that it tasted different from the ones we usually got with our sushi in Florida. When I asked him why he simply said, “I don’t know, I feel like this definitely isn’t the packet kind and it’s not as grainy.” It’s not that my husband doesn’t have the palate for tasting distinct differences in the same foods, but when he cares enough to mention it, that’s something that makes the”big deal flag” wave. Upon this discovery, I was excited for what was to come, my mouth-watering “Tan-Tan Men”.

Tan Tan Men
Tan Tan Men

The first thing I’ll usually taste is the broth of the noodles before anything else, it’s like making sure nothing contaminates my tongue before delving into the foundation of greatness. The broth was really good, and the noodles weren’t the best I’ve had, but they still had a nice chewy quality and color to them. Comparing this to other Ramen places I have been to, I’d still say San Francisco, so far, has the best that I have tasted along with the color of their Ramen noodles. You don’t necessarily want extremely chewy Ramen, like gum, but you also don’t want to them to mush up or break in one bite either. The noodles at Ramen Takumi were a good middle ground between San Francisco and Florida.


I didn’t really get to try much of my husband’s “Unadon” because by the time I wanted to it was pretty much gone… I did however get to try a piece of the eel, a couple pickled vegetables, and scraped the rest of his rice out of the bowl when he was finished. I have a thing for clean rice bowls, probably comes from when my grandmother (RIP) used to tell me, “A spotless rice bowl gets you a good husband” or similar to that when I directly translate it.

Reading through all the reviews and eating there myself, I can say that they give very generous portions when it comes to the Ramen noodle dishes and the Donburi. Overall, it was enough for us to walk about forty to fifty blocks back to our hotel and still feel full. A great Ramen place to stop into if you’re looking for somewhere quick and friendly around the NYU area; it was definitely one to remember from our trip.

Check out their menu here!


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