Quick and Easy Monkey Bread 

Recently I was on Buzzfeed and came across a video on how to make Monkey Bread. I had never actually seen or tried it before so I figured, why not give it a shot? With the holidays rolling in it looks like a less time consuming dessert to make. 

I’m usually all about quick and easy because between work, school, and the gym it’s a bit hard to find time for major kitchen prep.

I have to say it turned out to be a success! Made me look like I spent hours on it. The only thing I’d change in the ingredients is to forgo the semi-sweet chocolate chips for perhaps milk chocolate or a sweeter chocolate in general. But of course that’s all based on individual palate preference. 


  • 2 packages of Pillsbury biscuits, halve the biscuits
  • 1 block of cream cheese, cubed
  • Chocolate chips (your preference)
  • 1 cup sugar + 2 tsp cinnamon mixed into a large Ziploc bag
  • 1 stick butter + 1 cup brown sugar microwaved and mixed for 1:10 mins (your glaze) 
  1. Flatten each biscuit half. Put in 1 cube of cream cheese and a few chocolate chips. Roll the dough into a ball. Continue with all the biscuit halves.  
  2. Toss all the dough into the sugar mix Ziploc bag (shake it up!). Meanwhile microwave your butter and brown sugar glaze.
  3. Spray your bundt cake pan with baking spray and put a layer of dough. Pour the brown sugar glaze over the dough. Keep alternating with dough and glaze until you run out.
  4. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake for 35 mins.
  5. When you take it out place a plate face down on top of the pan and flip over. Let it cool for 10 mins before removing the cake pan. Voila!  

Thanks for reading! Follow my blog for more food posts 🙂 

Check out the Buzzfeed video here!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Looks delicious!



    1. Lezama Food says:

      Very! Thanks for the comment and like. :). More posts are coming soon what with the holidays around the corner. Happy Thanksgiving! Drive safe! I read your post about the players practicing in torrential downpour, brutal.


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