Cha Cha to the Ramen

The Ramen at Cha Cha Japanese Cafe will literally make you dance because of its delectable authenticity. We had lived in West Palm Beach for a bit and this was our “go to” place when we wanted some real Japanese food that wasn’t sushi. Now, we’ll even go out of our way and drive 40 mins occasionally just to eat here. This is the restaurant you go to when you want some damn good Ramen or Katsu-don. The closest thing to sushi I have ordered here is their Spicy Cod Rice Ball for appetizer.

These run about $3 each but they will definitely hold you over while you wait (not very long) for a steaming bowl of perfectly cooked Ramen noodles or Donburi. My favorite right now is their Curry Ramen.


The noodles are the right color and consist of the right chewy yet edible texture (also approved by my mother who lives in and eats at the best Japanese restaurants in San Francisco). And the broth is like no other restaurant when it comes to flavor. Curry Ramen has a kick to it but it’s not overwhelming to the point I can’t actually taste the carrots and other vegetables.


The best Ramen restaurant in South Florida? Go to Cha Cha Japanese Cafe. It’s a small and quaint place that seats about 20 people; they provide great service and are extremely friendly. Not to mention their staff hardly changes so chances are if you go frequently, they’ll start to remember you. And what better way to establish a great rapport with friendly people than by eating delicious Ramen and Katsu-don?

Check out their menu below, and keep in mind they also have a lot of specials all over their walls that aren’t on this menu; like the Spicy Cod Rice Ball and Curry Ramen. So you might as well stop by! Thanks for reading!

Cha Cha Menu

Cha Cha Location


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