A New Taste

If I’ve had Taiwanese food before it’s been way too long for me to remember the type of food and flavors it encompasses. On our trip back to my home, San Francisco, my mom recommended this new restaurant in the Richmond District called Taste of Formosa.

This is a fairly small restaurant seating roughly 15 or so people downstairs. We saw stairs leading up to a second level but I have no idea if that was just for the employees or more seating. My husband had never eaten Taiwanese food before and surprisingly after my terrible description of what a one thousand year old egg tasted and looked like, he was still willing to try it out.



I ordered the thousand year old egg with tofu and he liked it. The fact that it was topped with dried pork (Yook Soong) and green onions was a delightful surprise. He claims it tastes like an egg, just more rubbery. Which…it is an egg, but I seem to think a thousand year old egg tastes vastly different from a normal boiled egg. That argument and description is for another day though, I’m just happy he tried it finally. I also ordered pork belly over rice for myself while he ordered Dan Dan noodles. The pork belly had a good balance of crispy skin to the actual chunk of meat/fat below it. Sometimes restaurants will skimp out on the meat and just give the skin which is disappointing. His noodles looked pretty good too; I didn’t get to try them but he devoured the bowl. I can only assume I should give that a thumbs up.



I was a little surprised at how small the portions were, but I guess they were reasonable in regards to the pricing. My pork belly dish was around $5 and change so I suppose it wasn’t too bad. And we didn’t walk out of there feeling overwhelmingly full; content enough to actually walk back to the apartment from the restaurant (20 or so blocks). I’d recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for a more mom and pop type of place that’s not super loud or busy. If your in the mid Richmond district, give it a taste!




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