Take Me Back to Austin

My husband had some time off for President’s Day so I flew out to Austin and we spent the weekend there. The first time I had gone out to Texas last year in October, we stayed in San Antonio. I have to say that I enjoyed our stay in Austin a lot more; there’s just so much to see and eat!

I tried rabbit for the first time at Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden. And before you ask, no, it didn’t taste like chicken… It was ground up as a Rabbit and Mushroom bratwurst pictured below; my husband ordered the bratwurst made of Antelope from the Wild Game section on the menu. (Check out the link at the bottom of this post!) I guess all I can say is that rabbit tasted like rabbit. It wasn’t gamey, but it didn’t have the “melt in your mouth” consistency either. Delicious though, and seasoned great. As we ate, there was live music accompanied by 104 different beers to choose from. 😀 Beer. They were also dog friendly and everything was just so lively! This is the type of place you go to eat if you don’t mind a loud and very busy environment.

Banger's 1
Banger's 2

While in San Antonio last year I had posted a picture and short description on Instagram about my experience eating steak in Texas. This time we made it a point to get BBQ and the place chosen was Green Mesquite. Very different from Banger’s in regards to the busy factor. It was fairly mellow and quiet; the staff was so friendly and warm. Pictured below is the mouthwatering brisket and pulled pork I ordered with a very very large glass of lemonade. What can be more perfect? Now I can officially say I’ve had Texas steak and BBQ! Get to knock that off my list.

Green Mesquite 1_

Truthfully I should have ordered ALL brisket for the 2 meat plate option (also came with two sides). The brisket was absolutely phenomenal. After my first bite I didn’t even have the desire to chit chat, I just wanted more brisket. Finish that grand meal by sharing a peach cobbler; oh man: food coma.

Green Mesquite 2

It was a short trip, but every minute was thoroughly enjoyed. Austin, you’ve outdone yourself. Until next time!

Banger’s Menu
Green Mesquite


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