Breakfast in Austin!

During my recent visit to see my husband we ate at a couple diners for breakfast, 24 Diner and Counter Café. Continue reading for a quick review on both delightful places!

24 Diner is as the name reflects, open 24 hours, and it was a bit pricier than what we were expecting but the food did not let us down. Everything (like most places in Austin) is made from ingredients locally grown and always fresh. I took the waiter’s recommendation and ordered the Veggie Hash. Though it didn’t have any meat and I ordered the smaller portion, it was extremely hearty and quite filling. The potatoes mixed in with onions, mushrooms, spinach, and Swiss cheese were also topped with two over easy eggs…mmm perfection.

24 Diner2

The following day, Sunday, we headed to Counter Café right down the hill from Graffiti Park. It left such a great impression on us that we had to somehow eat there again! I’m a huge fan of biscuits and gravy so I ordered that with a couple fried eggs the first visit. The gravy was perfect: the consistency wasn’t too thick that it clumped together and it had a peppery zing to it. I did wish the sausage pieces were bigger but then I would be getting greedy and that’s just my own fault. Pictured below the biscuits are the breakfast tacos my husband devoured.

Coutner Cafe1

Coutner Cafe2
The second go around on Monday, I ordered Joe’s Special: nice crispy potatoes at the bottom of the plate layered with all natural sausage, scrambled eggs, spinach and Parmesan cheese. I don’t have a photo for you but take my word for it, I promise their food will not disappoint. Overall the food was fantastic and the service was great; we didn’t have to wait long so it was a great place to stop right before my flight.

Check out the links below for both menus and be sure to stop by to at least one of these diners while you’re in Austin! Thanks for reading :).

Counter Cafe
24 Diner


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