Walther PPQ Review

“Just aim and shoot. Such a simple concept. All I have to do is point the gun at the paper man then pull.” At the end of this mantra I expected to see a little hole through the paper a few yards in front of me. I can’t tell you how many times it never showed. Like being stood up on a first date feeling betrayed and embarrassed over and over again. Eventually after a couple more frustrating trips to the range it dawned on me: shooting firearms isn’t as easy as how it is portrayed in the movies. Can’t just pick up a gun and expect to be an expert marksman right then and there.

It’s too bad that was my mentality getting into guns and shooting about five years ago, but such mentality is common among beginner shooters. I refused to quit, which allowed me to learn that it’s more than just aiming and pulling the trigger. I now find that I have to be comfortable with the sights, the weight of the gun, the ability to remain in control with the recoil, and of course to actually enjoy shooting the firearm. There are many more factors to include but these are the ones I am most concerned with now that I’ve gotten more practice and into the gun toting world.

Within the last five years I have owned a Bersa .380, Sig P238, and a Sig P938. I’d have to say that after purchasing the 9mm Walther PPQ, I have yet to miss any one of those pistols and I have finally found my firearm companion. The Walther PPQ is thus far a gun I would deem the most fun and compatible to shoot.


After having put maybe three hundred rounds through it, I haven’t found one thing to be significantly bothersome about the PPQ yet. Now that’s not much, but from my experience with other pistols at this point I’d either still be trying to adjust the way I shoot in order to hit center or trips to the range wouldn’t elicit any excitement at all. Definitely a bad sign. With the PPQ I don’t experience any of these frustrations even with its slight recoil. Because I’m comfortable with the weight of the gun and the way it fits in my hands, I am able to remain in control.


Now, I have relatively small hands in comparison to the “average gun owner” which is why I opted for the P238 and the P938 originally. Sure I have smaller hands and those pistols seemed to be a perfect match but I shot horribly with them. Half the time I didn’t even know where my shots went! The thought would have never crossed my mind that a relatively bigger gun, in this case the PPQ, would be the better fit. Naturally I thought a bigger gun meant heavier with more recoil, and I would have to adjust the way I shot even more- I made all sorts of excuses. Yeah…I had no idea what I was talking about. The grip that comes with the PPQ is extremely comfortable and my hand fits into the groove so nicely. It’s almost like they made it specifically for me. You can’t get that feeling with every pistol you shoot. The bottom of the magazine even extends past my hand, which I thought would be an issue but in this case it hasn’t given me any difficulties. It’s a miracle.

Another thing I was worried about owning a larger pistol: disassembly. Walther has yet again showed me how much about them I do not know. Disassembling this pistol is amazing!! I don’t even have to fight with the slide or embarrassingly call for my husband to help…which has happened. What’s even better is that I only have to use one hand to pull the slide back, literally. Disassembly is no longer something I would consider a daunting task, I actually look forward to it driving home from the range.

PPQ Disassembled

So I’ve been writing all these grand things about the PPQ and I said there hasn’t been anything bothersome about it yet. This still holds true, I just want to mention something I have changed with my pistol are the sights. That’s not to say the sights it came with were horrendous, I was shooting fairly well with them. But because this pistol will now be my main carry and night stand gun, I wanted night sights. The brand chosen ended up being with Trijicon, front sight being orange. I just put them on last week and I’m really excited to go take them for a test run soon. Look out for a follow-up post about how the sights worked out! Thanks for reading!



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