Trijicon Night Sights Review

The original sights the PPQ came with were great and I didn’t have any problems with them. The only reason I thought to switch them out for night sights was because I wanted the PPQ to become my main carry. My husband ordered the Trijicon night sights for me and as soon as they arrived I went ahead and put them on.

I used TheYankeeMarshal’s instructional video here on YouTube.

In a previous post I had mentioned how excited I was to take these Trijicon night sights out for a spin. But after having gone to the range this week I have mixed feelings about them. I figured the orange front sight would be so great but once I got into my lane and lined up the sights, there was such a bad glare! I tried moving around and slightly adjusting the way I was lining them up but getting rid of it proved to be difficult. I know in well lit areas I would have to make a slight adjustment but I wasn’t expecting such a drastic difference. After I got home I thought—well, they are “night” sights so technically I’m not exactly using them in the most apt environment.

But what do I do then? If I want to use this gun as my main carry and night stand gun how can I get the best of both worlds? I’d be kind of bummed if I ultimately decided to put the original sights back on. Consequently I want to practice with the night sights more before I come to any decision. I’m wondering if after maybe a few more trips to the range I will be able to adapt and become accustom to it.  

On a brighter note, I did turn out the lights in my bedroom to test them out. They worked beautifully. It’s glow is very clear and crisp; I was able to line up the sights with ease. I guess the purpose of them being used as night sights are pretty accurate.

Trijicon Night Sights (2)

Look for updates in the future about whether or not I’ll keep them on. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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