My First Cooking Class!

A lot of people often ask me where I learned to cook and I can never really give a straight answer. All I know is I started learning in middle school and by high school I was just kind of doing it on my own. Experimenting, trying things out to see what worked and what didn’t. I had never really been to an actual cooking class where I learned certain fundamentals of cooking until last weekend.

For Christmas my husband bought me a “4 hour chef led Italian cooking class” 🙂 thumbs up to my hub. It was a lot of fun and I learned the essentials and fundamentals for basic Italian dishes. The menu consisted of Bruschetta, Pasta E Fagioli, and Fresh Berries with Sabayon. A couple extra dishes like a basic Alfredo pasta were thrown in as a bonus! Chef Baba, an extremely passionate father, husband, and chef, led this class and has been teaching it for the last ten years.

Penne Alfredo

When you arrive it’s a small area in the kitchen of the company headquarters he works at (Fresh Meal Plan) and you sit almost like you’re at a bar but he’s not directly in front of you, he’s off to the side. So that was kind of awkward. A lot of the time I had to move my head up, down, and sideways just to see what he was doing. He started off with the five major Italian sauces and proceeded to show us how to make two different ones. Delicious, and a bonus because they weren’t on the menu. After this, he continued with the other dishes while opening up a bottle of jug of homemade red wine. I’m not a fan of red wine so I didn’t drink much, but as you can imagine others in the class became less awkward, more relaxed, and interactive. Haha alcohol.

Pasta E Fagioli

What surprised me: it wasn’t as hands-on as I thought it would be. You know, “Chef-led” to me means everyone is chopping or doing some type of food prep/cooking of their own dishes simultaneously, but that wasn’t really the case. Maybe I’m just too much of a newbie for these things. There were 14 people in the class so I guess he couldn’t have everyone doing something, but I was still expecting to have more interaction with the food. Ha, go figure.

Berries Sabayon

Nonetheless I still had a really great experience and learned a lot, but I would highly recommend that you bring someone along. I didn’t mind going alone — I had my notepad, pen, my phone for taking pictures, and food! I was all set. Plus I enjoy learning and being in my zone when it comes down to trying out new things food related. Ultimately you have to be the judge of whether or not you’ll feel awkward as a lone wolf because as soon as you walk in, I can guarantee most of the people there will probably be in pairs (spouses, couples, friends, parent and kid). Like I said, I didn’t mind too much (hell I go to theaters alone sometimes). But if my husband or a friend had gone with me it definitely would have added to the experience, making it more fun.

Check out Chef Baba on Groupon or email him at for more info! He has other classes as well, I’d really be interested in going to his juicing class. Thanks for reading!


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