Stoppin’ At Wingstop

Out of the many places we can go to get wings, I usually only go to Wingstop now. Why? Because for the amount of food given and how much I pay is justifiable when comparing to other places like Bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings), Hurricane Grill, or Wings Plus.

I love that Wingstop has combo choices that include drinks, side dressings, and fries. It’s convenient so I can just go on my own AND when my husband is with me we can still get a combo choice that’s enough for the both of us. I order the Lemon Pepper while he orders Garlic Parmesan. Which again, depending on the combo also includes two drinks and fries.

Garlic Parmesan
Lemon Pepper

Good Lord the fries are delicious! Especially when you get them piping hot out of the fryer, my husband and I like to order them extra crispy. The seasonings they use for the fries are phenomenal as well. It has a sweetness to them, not the usual salt and pepper mix. The cut of the fries are also something I’d prefer over others; it’s a good medium between a wedge fry and a McDonald’s skinny fry. I like that I can actually taste the potato inside. That sounds crazy but I swear some places cut their fries so skinny that when they fry them I can’t actually taste the substance of the potatoes!


The only bad experience I’ve had with Wingstop was when I had ordered online one time so that I could pick up on my way home from work. Oh yeah, by the way, another great thing about Wingstop is you can order online! And you can even choose what time you want to pick up your order. Huge thumbs up in my book. In any case, I chose my pick up time to be 5:45pm and I got there at 5:25pm-ish; I was ready to wait. My order was already sitting there on the counter ready. So that meant…if I really didn’t get there til 5:45pm, it would have sat there for another 20 minutes!! I despise soggy fries people! Needless to say I have not gone back to that location. I didn’t make a big stink about it, was hungry and just glad I had food to eat that night because I hadn’t cooked anything.

Regardless I’d choose Wingstop over anywhere I’ve been previously just because of the quality and pricing. But I will say in order justify places like Buffalo Wild Wings, you have to take into consideration the more expensive prices include the fact they have flatscreen TVs everywhere and drinks. I guess it all depends on preference, I can easily go to Wingstop for wings then bring them home to watch TV…but that’s just me.

Check out your nearest Wingstop and go for some super tasty wings! I might have to go tomorrow, these pictures have me craving their fries and Lemon Pepper. Thanks for reading!



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