Did I Keep Them? Final Review for Trijicon

Hi guys! So I think I spoke too soon about the Trijicon night sights. Either that or the great over-watcher of anything gun related wanted to make a fool of me. Check out my original post here and read on for the final verdict!

I’ve realized there are a lot of factors that could play into how well or how poorly I shoot. I mean I knew that before, but sometimes I just get too excited or frustrated to remember that. Hence this final review on the Trijicon night sights for my Walther PPQ.

There’s still a slight glare on my front orange sight which okay, we all know there will always be at a well-lit indoor range. But this time, I wore my glasses, which have clear lenses, and I chose a blue silhouette target. Not to mention I wasn’t in a lane next to the wall.


A couple differences compared to last time: the “eyes” that I usually wear when I have contacts on are yellow tinted, I was between two open lanes, and this time I chose the blue target instead of my normal black silhouette with the red center. I’m starting to suspect that with my orange front sight, the yellow tinted eyes aren’t very conducive. I know for a fact that shooting between two open lanes instead of next to a wall contributes to different lighting situations as well. So don’t be like me and jump the gun (haha so to speak) when trying out new sights or new anything for that matter. Remember that there are many different variables that play into the outcome you get. If you don’t like it, try it again with different variables to see what happens.


I’m 99% positive that I’m keeping these sights on. I had such a great experience with them this time. I was grouping fairly well on both targets and I think the next few trips to the range will solidify that 1% gap. I’m going to be switching my tinted lenses to the clear ones next time and see how that plays out.

So final verdict: yes I will keep them! A really great investment. Thumbs up to Trijicon and my Walther PPQ!

Look out for posts coming soon about my Ruger 10/22 :D. Thanks for reading!


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