My Buddy Riley

Yes. I named my Ruger 10/22 Carbine 22 LR and he’s my buddy. After shooting a Ruger 10/22 for the first time in San Antonio with my husband on one of the many visits, I just absolutely had to have one to call my own. I purchased one off BudsGunShop shortly after purchasing my Walther PPQ. Shooting at the range has never been more fun!

Ruger 10/22 with a scope.

Riley shoots .22 caliber ammunition which is really tiny and essentially part of the reason why there’s no recoil or “kick”. Definitely none compared to the AR15 we own. The AR gives me a small bruise at my shoulder sometimes haha. Depends on what shirt I’m wearing, if it’s thick enough and what not.

I didn’t even know until I picked up my rifle at Nexus Shooting that it came with carbon fiber sights. Definitely a plus and a nice surprise! The reason I bought such a neutral color and design is in case one day I want to invest changing the cosmetics further. Why spend more money than I have to on a brand new gun if there’s the possibility of changing parts? Definitely going to be investing in a scope relatively soon. I’m also all for buying used guns in general if I can find them in good condition.


After taking it out a couple times to the range I decided to give it a cleaning. Unfortunately it wasn’t as simple as cleaning my Walther PPQ. I wish it were but in order to give the rifle a FULL clean I need to of course take apart the bolt and trigger. It’s not the rifle, it’s me. The instructional video is perfect in telling me how to disassemble and then I can reassemble, I’ve just never done it before and it’ll take at least a few times for me to used to it. I was literally cursing aloud at one point when my husband reminded me not to get angry while cleaning a gun. Mm yeah..he’s right.


So far so good and I’m having a lot of fun taking him to the range. Look for more posts about the shooting adventures I have with my bud. Thanks for reading!



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