Adult Legos-MK12

I’ve always loved Legos; for a while when we were dating, my husband would buy me a small Lego set as a gift every year for Christmas. I just think there’s some satisfaction I get in building something of my own. Whether or not there are instructions.

Christmas 2
Christmas 2011

Thus I have discovered the adult firearm Lego world: I built my very first AR; an MK12 specifically. I will tell you this, it is definitely not all fun especially when I don’t really have a work space or a workshop type area to do this. My mini muscles also did not have enough strength during some parts of this building process (that’s when my husband comes into play).

I decided that because it was my first time building an AR, I would go with a built upper—good choice on my part because I’m sure I would have exploded out of frustration if I hadn’t. Most of the parts ordered to build the lower came from either Bravo Company or Palmetto State Armory. I wanted to incorporate my new love for FDE parts so the upper (I went with Mod 0), grip, and stock are all FDE. I think leaving the lower black creates a good contrast and foundation to the gun.

_DSC1341 (2)

There’s not much to building an AR if you have all the parts and then an instructional video if you need one. So pretty much like I was saying about Legos! Only this Lego set is lethal. Problems you can run into that I experienced are things like not having the complete lower parts kit (that was annoying). Imagine being all ramped up at 2100 and excited to build your gun then two minutes into the video you’re like wait…I DON’T HAVE THAT PIECE!! So make sure you do your research and YouTube searches. Aside from that I just needed some more muscle when hammering in a couple pins or an extra set of hands when dropping in my Geissele trigger. Technically this was part of the reason I waited until my husband was home during his relocation for training. Thanks for lending me your muscles :D.

_DSC1338 (2)


As soon as the lower was built, putting on the stock, grip, and the upper was a piece of cake. With the finishing touches of a Leupold scope my new friend was ready to go out for its first shooting! As you can imagine until I could go to Okeechobee I was pretty much picking it up all the time in the house and just admiring its beauty.

_DSC1403 (2)

Check me out next week when I post about my experience shooting this bad boy out at Okeechobee!


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