Walther PPQ and PPS

Based on my pistol firearm posts, we already know that I’m in love with my Walther PPQ and the Trijicon night sights I put on them. Update by the way: I am very excited with my improvements and how I have adapted to the sights thus far. On a few occasions I am still in the “anticipating recoil” zone but as I put twenty or so more rounds through, usually I am able to recompose and come back center.

Now as much as I love my PPQ, I’ve had a holster for it for months now and have not once carried it on my person. I find that I’m not comfortable with how big it is on my person and I also find it difficult to conceal it under the clothes I have. The difficulty lies in finding clothes that aren’t crazy baggy and that still fit me if that makes sense. Granted yes, I have plaid loose fitting button ups that would work, but it’s still…bulky I guess you can say? I even bought new jeans just to be able to carry, high rise jeans. Even then it still proves to be uncomfortable; I want to be comfortable carrying just as much as I am shooting.

I drove up to Tampa Bay to spend Memorial Day weekend with my husband and we went to Shooter’s World on Sunday. While we were there I fondled and manhandled the 9mm Walther PPS Gen 2. The Gen 2 is smaller and slimmer; it also has the same style grip as the PPQ which I find attractive and something I won’t have to readjust to. Although some may say the smaller size comes at a disadvantage, I felt that it fit quite well in my hands. I’ve had not so great experiences with smaller pistols because the magazine falls short and I’m left with negative space at the bottom where my palm is just hanging off. With the PPS, the magazine extends just enough where the grip and magazine completely filled my hand. The PPS is lighter than the PPQ of course yet it carries enough weight that it was easy to adjust to the difference quickly.

Shooters World 2-1

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to shoot the Gen 2 I had fondled and played with at the sales counter. They did however have the Gen 1 to rent, which I gladly took up on the opportunity. The Gen 1 is similar. It has a different grip texture but overall it was a good feel as far as shooting 9mm with it’s smaller size. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m used to shooting the PPQ that I shot fairly well with the PPS; the reason why I wanted to rent it was to see if I could shoot decently. I haven’t had much luck with Sig’s compact pistols (I’ve owned the Sig P238 and P938—both of which are now gone) so it was a great feeling seeing my shots grouping nicely.


Now all that’s left to do is to find a used PPS eventually and purchase another holster. I like the slim design of the Gen 2 as well as the weight it carries so I’m pretty much set on making it my permanent conceal carry. Look out for more posts in the future about it, thanks for reading!


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