Fresh or Frozen?

Last night I was rummaging through the vegetable drawer in my fridge and I saw a bag of raw broccoli and cauliflower that looked like it was going to go bad soon. Instead of throwing it out I decided to boil them so I could have some veggies with my lunch today.

I had a little bit left over so naturally I ate them. At first I was surprised at the texture of the broccoli; I could taste the individual bristles, or tiny green heads, for lack of a better explanation. I guess because I’ve been eating frozen broccoli for the past couple years I forgot how boiled fresh broccoli tasted. And I never actually thought about the fact that there are such big differences, the fresh broccoli tasted a little sweeter.

Can you tell the difference? To my knowledge, there’s nothing crazy wrong with frozen broccoli as far as nutrition. No matter how you eat your vegetables, some nutrition is bound to be lost before it even reaches your grocer. Obviously eating any vegetable raw provides more nutrients than cooked vegetables so just be aware of what you’re putting in your body! I’ve been eating frozen broccoli for the past couple years just because of the convenience. Buy a bag, throw it in the microwave for five minutes. BOOM, you got yourself some cooked veggies. After last night though I don’t know, I feel like taking the time to cut up fresh broccoli and boiling it might actually be worth the difference in taste for me. You can tell there’s a subtle color difference in the pictures too. I want to say the fresh broccoli just looks: happier, more vibrant, and fresh.

So this concludes my very short and random post about frozen vs non frozen broccoli… BUT! There will now be a change in my vegetable diet, fresh it is! Thanks for reading about my broccoli eating habits 🙂


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