Eating, Running, and Drinking…Water

Every once in a while I’ll take progress pictures of myself at the gym and I’ve noticed lately I’m getting more on to the lean side. Must be the running and not eating rice and/or sausage for breakfast everyday… O.O


My weightlifting routine has been going really well and I’ve been making significant progress. I’ve locked down my form for squats and deadlifts, steadily increasing weight at a pace I am satisfied with. But despite this, a few weeks ago I pretty much hit a wall; a weightlifting plateau. I hadn’t really been keeping up with the cardio I was supposed to be doing and I wasn’t eating “right”.

Well to me, rice with a fried egg is a great breakfast! Hence the reason I put “right” in quotations. While rice for breakfast still tastes great, for the results I want I just eat it occasionally now (so..weekends haha). For a couple weeks I was eating it almost everyday and not drinking enough water. My food choice wasn’t balancing out with the routine I had established at the gym. It’s all about balancing. And it won’t come to you overnight either, you kind of have to experiment with different foods, different workouts, how often you work out, etc. The variables are endless. For me, I can’t eat rice and fried egg or sausages for breakfast everyday. I’ve found that my body likes a lighter breakfast like bagels, Acai smoothies, berries, bananas, and oatmeal. While continuously snacking throughout the day. I’m serious, I’m literally eating something every three hours.


Since I’ve discovered the wall or plateau I hit, I have been forcing myself to run at least twice a week as well. I despise running. Or did anyway, now I don’t mind it so much because I’m noticing a lot of improvement in my endurance and breathing. I started running just 1 mile, then slowly went up to 1.3 miles, to 1.5 miles, and now 2 miles. This combined with replacing my rice and egg breakfasts has resulted in me feeling so much better. Oh and water. You’d be amazed at how much more energy you’ll have once you start drinking water every hour, everyday. Again you won’t notice it right away, or maybe you will, but a week into this and reaching for water won’t even occur as a conscious thought and action.

Every morning I drink a glass before I go to work and throughout the day I drink about 48oz. Then after the gym I’ll drink another 28oz. I should probably be drinking more but just from this I’ve felt so much better, leaner, and more awake in the day. I know many people have jobs where they can’t drink water this much because they need someone to cover for them to use the restroom. But it doesn’t hurt to drink before work, on breaks, and after work. Don’t skimp out on providing your body with what it craves and what it needs!

You’ll enjoy the results 🙂



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