Couldn’t Do It…But At Least I Sweat

Usually I write about the successes of my fitness routine. Well today, unfortunately I was unable to accomplish my goal.

I was planning to run 1.5 miles but honestly I could barely get through a mile without almost dying… I definitely didn’t hydrate enough yesterday or this morning before I went out there. It was so freaking hot! My gosh… I was upset after the fact while I walked the rest of the way home. Sweat was literally dripping everywhere; into my eyes, down my back, you get the idea. Then I realized a couple things: first of all, there’s no point in being upset because that emotion won’t get you anywhere. You simply have to recognize it and strive to improve to do your best the next time you get out there. The second thing I realized was: I haven’t sweat this much in a long time!

Yes it was hot out, but in the March and April heat when I ran every once in a while or even when I got in a good workout I barely sweat at all. I’d say this realization is something positive that came out of falling short today. In my previous post I mentioned the importance of water and today is a perfect demonstration of what happens when you both do and don’t drink enough.

On the short term front I did not hydrate enough yesterday or today which most likely contributed to barely even finishing a mile in decent time. But as far as long term, incorporating water daily into my diet for the past few months has actually benefited me – the more I sweat the better! It allows my body to cool down and maintain a state of balance easily. Just imagine if your body were unable to sweat, O.O maintaining balance within and keeping your temperature where it needs to be would prove to be extremely difficult. Water consumption only helps this complex system function, take advantage of the fact that usually your body takes care of you if you take care of it.

So in today’s somewhat failure to reach my goal, there was a positive occurrence that came out of it. Sweat sweat sweat! Drink your water! The more the better in both instances; not only because it’s Summer but because it’s a necessity to thrive.


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