What’s Up with the Chicken?

Gainesville, Florida really reminded me of Davis, California where I went to college for a bit. It’s mainly a college town and if you want to do anything huge you have to drive at least a half hour to an hour away. Locally there aren’t very many activities to do but there seem to be many places to grub at!

My husband and I always try to avoid chain breakfast and brunch places when we’re some place new—which led us to a breakfast place called Peach Valley Cafe. Ratings were good, I think on Google Maps it showed 4.5 stars and pricing wasn’t bad either.

The restaurant was a lot larger than I thought, very family friendly and I just loved the vibe. Our server was nice and service was decent. The menu had a lot of great options! I’m a huge fan of Eggs Benedict so I ordered their breakfast croissant that included tomatoes, asparagus, and eggs topped with hollandaise. Thumbs up, very good. The hollandaise was tasty, could have been a little thicker in my opinion but we all have varying preferences so I’m not going to knock off any points for that. The side of potatoes were on point as well, crispy and seasoned very well.


We all may have different taste buds but it’s hard to use that to defend something that seems as though it is not seasoned at all. At least that was the consensus for my husband and I when I tried a piece of the fried chicken that came with his Chicken and Waffles plate. The chicken tenders looked very dry from the outside but I was pleasantly surprised with it being juicy, that’s a huge plus! Unfortunately it was followed by disappointment because the chicken was so bland! I thought maybe my husband was thinking it just didn’t have ENOUGH seasoning but no. To me it barely even had a pepper or salt taste, just tasted like plain chicken. And it left me bewildered because the outside color of the chicken looked as though it had really been doused in some tasty spices!


I felt bad for him, that kind of ruins an entire Chicken and Waffles dish. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but if the chicken doesn’t hold a bold taste I just kind of give up on it. The waffles were good, but if we knew this would happen he would have just ordered waffles. But c’est la vie, what can you do? Sometimes trying new things or places doesn’t work out and sometimes it does.

The following morning my husband didn’t want to order Chicken and Waffles from Metro Diner because he was sad the chicken was the way it was at Peach Valley Cafe. Metro Diner ended up being super delicious though! Look out for my next review on Metro Diner and what we ate in Gainesville, Florida!


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