Best Sound Ever

Have you ever experienced shooting steel targets? Labor Day was my first time with this, and it was probably the best sound I heard that day!

I went to visit my husband and of course we went to the range for a little bit; I love outdoor ranges and prefer them over indoors. He bought me the Walther PPS for my birthday and we brought out the bolt action—Remington 700.


Now the last time I shot this rifle, the butt of the stock didn’t have a lot of cushion to absorb all the kick so it was uncomfortable for me. This time he had bought something for that and it made shooting more enjoyable. I shot the Remington more than I did my PPS! And the PPS was brand new O.O


It was just us at the range so I took advantage and moved from the paper target we put at about 100 yards to the steel target all the out at 300 yards. The first few shots I wasn’t able to hit it—and I was so anxious to do so which is probably why. After taking a couple breaths and calming down I tried it again remembering what I read in Jim Owen’s book about trigger control/sight alignment. What do you know, shot fired then a second later I heard the ping. Check out my Instagram @amazel_chef for a short video of me hitting steel!

What an amazing sound 😀 Naturally I finished the box of .30-06 with the steel target and I was able to hit it a couple more times. If you ever get a chance to shoot at steel targets, take advantage of that opportunity! The auditory feedback you receive is definitely a different shooting difference compared to shooting paper.


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