I Can See it Now!

I didn’t used to believe it when people said it takes a lot of consistency, discipline, and hard work for your body to become the way you want it to. Two and a half years ago I signed up for my first gym membership. Through these two and a half years of ups and downs, I can finally attest to the validity of that concept above—discipline. I can actually see the definition in my triceps now, I don’t have chiseled abs but it looks the way I want it to (we call it chub-fit). What I’m left with? A satisfying feeling of pride.

It’s not really a feeling I can describe accurately enough, you really have to take charge and follow through with your goals to believe me and feel this way. The best I can do with words is: F%$#k yeah! I put in the effort, I put in the sweat, the time, listened to advice, researched online, tried supplements, went to a personal trainer, stopped working out, failed, got back into it after falling into a slump—and after two and a half years of this I can finally see the results. And it feels damn good.

I’ve written about those days I just didn’t want to go to the gym. I feel your pain! On these days I looked at my myself and was just not happy. No muscle definition, I didn’t see any progression or improvements. Everyone has those darker days, but those are the days your mind needs the workout/gym the most. Don’t let it tell you otherwise.

There’s another podcast I listen to in addition to AOM, and that is The Tim Ferriss Show. One in particular  features an ex Navy Seal, Jocko Willink, who answered a lot of listener’s questions. Something he said in particular that stood out to me was: “Motivation is unreliable. You need to be disciplined.” And I agree with him 100%, discipline in any aspect of your life will get you where or to what you want to be. Go check out that podcast by the way, it’s one of the many good ones.

So as I am really excited to see this definition in my arms and I feel good about it, it just drives me to keep going. Remember, it took me two and a half years of many failures to get to this point, two and a half years! Imagine yourself now, wherever you are on your fitness goal scale, then two and a half years from now if you are to remain disciplined and continue on a strong, consistent, routine. Where can you see yourself falling on your fitness goal scale then?

A new take I have on the word: F.A.I.L- First attempt in life.
Keep going.


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  1. E.A.S. says:

    So true! Great post and good job 🙂


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