Lock & Load Miami

“Whatchu know about a 12 gauge short barrel shotgun??”

I know now that it’s pretty epic! Columbus Day weekend my husband and I went to Lock & Load Miami—it was AWESOME. They have a great selection of machine guns and submachine guns that are fully automatic as well as a nice simple selection of pistols.

The pricing isn’t bad either, you’re pretty much paying for the rounds. You can either choose from pre-assembled packages they put together for you, I chose the Eastern Bloc package, or you can take advantage of their A La Carte option by creating your own package—my husband went with this one.

Loading the AK47 (which takes practice!)

Eastern Block Package:

  • HK MP5 (Which I’ve shot before at the NFA Review but it wasn’t working well so it was substituted with the Cold Commando 9mm)
  • Steyr Aug 5.56
  • AK47 (This was what I really wanted to shoot)
  • Shotgun 12 Gauge

Husband’s A La Carte:

  • HK MP7A1
  • FN Herstal P90
  • Brugger Thomet TP9
  • HK G36


The range officer assigned to us, Brian, was laid back and cool. Even though my husband and I have experienced shooting fully automatic weapons before (at the NFA Review Shoot), he kindly explained to us what it would feel like and answered any questions we had once we were in our lanes. It was neat, my husband and I alternated each of our selected 4 firearms. Each time, Brian gave us a little backstory or history clip then showed us how to handle it.


Oh, we got the GoPro option too. I would highly recommend it because you get photos from the front with rounds flying out of the chamber and muzzle flashes. Awesome stuff 😀 (check out my Instagram @amazel_chef for more photos)

Steyr AUG

My favorite was the shotgun. One, because I’ve never shot one before. And two, there’s just a huge satisfaction I get from racking it and seeing a 12 gauge shell popping out. That, and the obliteration of the paper down range of course.

Cold Commando 9mm

When you’re all done, they give you a coin with their insignia on it (a panda with pistols—best insignia ever) and they handle the sweeping of brass and everything else.  If you want a great experience with shooting machine guns, go to Lock & Load in Miami! They are super friendly and they have a wide range of selections from pre-assembled packages to the simple A La Carte options.


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