How Flexible Are You?

Kudos if you can bend over backwards or do the splits 😀 because I can’t. But how flexible are you with your fitness routine? If it’s thrown off does that completely ruin your game? Or do you have room for unexpected changes here and there?

I’ve always preached about how you have to be open minded and be understanding if your fitness routine sometimes just doesn’t go your way. Which I definitely still stand by, but I had never been at the brunt of this experience until recently when I moved out of Florida.

First of all side note: moving is a pain in the ass. Like what the hell, why do I have so much shit?? Anyway, not only did I have to move all my stuff, but I realized I had to find a gym. I can’t not be in a gym for a month.

There weren’t many choices in the small area here in Alabama so I signed up with Planet Fitness. It was the ONLY gym that matched what I was paying in Florida–and it’s right down the street. Yay right? I found a gym, close to the apartment, and cheap! So why did I have a mini freak out as I walked out of there after signing up?

They don’t have any freestanding barbell sections for bench press, squats, and deadlifts. What? That should be against the rules! I didn’t even know that was possible!! What the heck?? *grumble grumble*


So needless to say although this gym doesn’t have the equipment I use for the bulk of my routine…I stopped whining to my husband and just worked with what I had. This is what I mean by being flexible. Don’t complain, gripe, and be negative about what you don’t have like I did initially–work with what you got. If you have been reading my posts for a while now, you know I don’t like the Smith Machine AT ALL. But, with a few adjustments and just making sure my form isn’t getting screwed up, it works. I even hit a new max today: 120lbs. Pretty great and actually unexpected. There’s a good possibility it’s helping my form for deadlifts too; those are the trickiest for me. More updates with my progress will come along before I move again shortly.

In the mean time, check out my Instagram @amazel_chef for videos and more pictures!


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