Pregnant and Working Out? No Way!

A lot of women were (and still are) extremely surprised or had this horrified expression when I told them I was continuing my workouts while pregnant.

“What?! You’re crazy.”

“I could never do that.”

“No wonder why you look like you just have a basketball under your shirt. You have no fat on your legs or arms. You’re so tiny!”

“Man, all that baby is going to know is healthy foods. All I ever see you eating are salads and fruit.”

When you live an active lifestyle and eat a moderately healthy diet, you’re going to hear a lot of comments like these if you choose to continue during your pregnancy. By the way, I eat salad…a few times a week every couple weeks -_-. I could make this post so much longer with what I’ve heard from different people. However, I do eat fruit every day though :D. The key is to take everything with a grain of salt (I know hormones are raging–but still try) and know that the only thing you need to listen to is: your body.

The biggest challenges for me during my pregnancy so far is maintaining the correct weight, gaining the right amount at the right time, and reducing the weights used in workouts– sometimes even completely eliminating certain workouts. I’ve read about many women who continue barbell squats, continue running many miles daily, and even doing cardio intense workouts like kickboxing! If anything, I admire them and they motivate me to continue a healthy lifestyle as best as I can.


As I head further into my third trimester, I have found alternating between cardio, yoga, and weighted workouts during the week benefit my body and tiny human the most. Weekends are set aside for walking and elliptical workouts. In the beginning when I didn’t have a belly that got in the way, there were many workouts that stayed in my routine from pre-pregnancy. But obviously that has had to change haha!


So far this has worked out great for me, I feel good everyday and haven’t really suffered from any intense symptoms. However I did gain a bit too much weight recently and to be honest, I was kind of depressed coming home from that appointment. But after a few days of reflecting on my diet as of late, I realized it hasn’t been 100% the best and there are things I can definitely change.

Pregnancy is tricky, but it’s definitely possible to continue your active lifestyle. Key things to be successful in doing so? Consult your doctor or midwife about any heavy weightlifting. Listen to your body. Balance your diet and new fitness routines.

At this point in time, workouts during the week include:

Upper Body (using dumbbells mostly):

Curls  4 sets  10-12 reps

Two Arm Tricep Extension  4 sets  10-12 reps

Lateral Raises  4 sets  10-12 reps

Shoulder Press  4 sets  10-12 reps

One Arm Row (both arms)  4 sets  10-12 reps

Pull Ups (using the circuit machine)  4 sets  5-8 reps

Lower Body (using body weight and/or medicine ball):

Body Weight Squats  5 sets  10 reps

Weighted Squats (10 lb medicine ball)  5 sets  10-12 reps

Body Weight Reverse Lunges  4 sets  10 reps

Body Weight Regular Lunges  4 sets   10 reps

Body Weight Calf Raises  4 sets  20 reps

Cardio: 30-40 minutes power walking on treadmill

Yoga: Prenatal yoga YouTube videos varying from 15-25 minutes each

Now all these workouts I don’t do in one workout session, just a list for you guys to get an idea of how I have had to adjust and how I may alternate between each category during the week. I’m looking forward to providing more updates as I get further along. Look out for a food-related pregnancy post in the future, thanks for reading! 🙂


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